6 Ways to organize your life

Life can be crazy sometimes and while you may know just what needs to be done you might not necessarily know how to do it. Here are five useful ways to organize your life.

#1 Give everything a home.

Put things away as soon and you are done using them. A clean environment will give you a clean mind. Keep your keys on a rack by the front door and your pens in a holder on your desk. Keep all your items in their homes so you are no longer searching for that one thing right when you are supposed to be heading out the door.

#2 Get to writing

Buy a daily calendar and write all that you have to do on it. Buy a journal and scribble down your appointments and daily goals. Write it down so you don’t forget and once you complete a task you can look at your list and see what’s next.

#3 Stay away from bargains

Bargains and sales may seem like a good idea, but in reality, these sales are getting you to spend more money on items you don’t necessarily need. This applies to places like your closet and fridge so purchase just the things you need and will actually use.

#4 Delegate responsibilities

If you live with other people, organize who is doing what and when. This will save you time and energy and make everything clear. Consider even buying a calendar and writing out your assigned chore.

#5 Buy a watch

While a watch may seem out of style being on time is not. Sure, a phone works just as well for checking the time but that could lead to distractions like social media. So just buy yourself a watch because it also doubles as a cute accessory.

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Staying on top of things with a planner

Lately I have been on top of my game with getting things done and meeting my deadlines and it is all thanks to my planner. Whatever form it’s in, here are some tips to make the most out of your planner.

Get one that suits your lifestyle
I’ve never been one for digital planner so paper and pen works fine for me. I just love the feeling of being able to physically cross something of my list. Whatever you decide make sure it’s the best option for you and your lifestyle.

Use reminders
To avoid unfortunate situations, write yourself reminders in your planner. Use your diary to jot down events but also as a reminder to purchase things and give back borrowed items.

Incorporate creativity and inspiration
Don’t make your diary all about dates! Use it to write down things like books you wish to read, movies you’ve been meaning to see, and even recipes you’ve been wanting to try.

Set time aside to check it
I like to give my diary a good look over on a Sunday afternoon that way I know what needs to be done for the week ahead. Make some time every week to check your planner and soon enough it will become a habit that ensures nothing goes missed.

Utilize it to its full potential
Go beyond using your planner just as a way of jotting down upcoming dates and reminders. You can also track your goals and keep a daily log of what you achieved.  Also look into using different colored pens or Washi tape to keep things creative. Color coding can make important things stand out at a glance.

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How To Live Like A Modern Minimalist This Year

This year is all about de-cluttering. It is important to only waste energy on things that matter. This is the year of you, so here’s how to be a modern minimalist in 2017.

#1 Unplug

To truly start living minimally, you should try to cut down the time you spend on your phone. The less you rely on it, the happier you will be.

#2 Upgrade your wardrobe

Minimalism advocates only keeping a few key pieces in your wardrobe, which allows you to be more creative with your outfit options.

#3 Declutter your life

Curating your space to represent what’s important to you will make you much happier, but it does involve throwing some things in the bin or giving them away. A minimalistic space allows you more time to think and room to breathe.

#4 Evaluate your goals

Wasting time and energy worrying about things that are out of your control takes up a lot of mental energy you could be using elsewhere so make sure you take some time to address what’s on your mind.

#5 Adjust your diet

If you can, do your shopping at a farmers market or organic store and stock up on staples like fruits, vegetables, and meats that can be grilled and turned into a variety of delicious meals.

What steps are you taking to living like a modern minimalist?

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEARS! I want to thank you guys for every thing you have done for me this past year. Every like, comment, follow. It all means so much to me and I can not express my gratitude enough. Here’s to 2017, onward and upward!

How To Make Your Home A Happier Place

A balanced, organized, clean home can make you way more productive as well as boosting your mood and making that relaxing time in the evenings feel much better!

Add Greenery

Plants look great in any house. They can look super chic, make your house smell amazing and even be a way for you to grow your own produce.
Tip: Pick up scented plants like Jasmine or Lavender for hallways and bathrooms.

Get the lighting right

Keep your curtains open during the day and allow plenty of natural light to enter your house. Natural light will boost your mood and make every room feel lighter and brighter.
Tip: Pick up dimming lamps to create a softer, lighting effect for formal or intimate dinners.

Tidy as you go

Nobody wants to tidy the whole house all in one go, so just clean up after yourself immediately that way you don’t need to dedicate a whole weekend organizing. If you maintain this routine, overtime it will come easily to you as if it were second nature.
Tip: Pick up The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

Correct arrangement

Don’t have your desk facing the wall or your bed blocked off from the rest of the room. This will make the room seem cramped and closed off. Achieving balance doesn’t mean you have to go completely symmetrical.
Tip: In a space with doors and windows, float seating in the center of a room with the chairs and sofas facing each other to encourage conversation.

Does your home make you happy?

The power of a simple notebook

For me, I tend to remember things better when I write them down than when I mentally take note of them. Being able to look back at your accomplishments is way more satisfying and can be exactly the thing you need to get back on track.

Short-term goals

Writing down a simple achievement, like cleaning your bathroom, each day may seem silly and is hardly world changing but if it makes you feel productive then it’s worth jotting down. As important it is to celebrate the big things, it’s also as important to celebrate the small ones.

Long-term goals

If there is something you aspire to then tracking your journey to reach that end goal is the best way to ensure you work hard and don’t slack.

Work out the challenges

Writing down the problems you face can be the best way of working out how to overcome them, it allows you time to think, process and create a solution. When you can look back at past challenges you’ve overcame, it lets you see that you are in control and you can transcend this temporary setback, especially because you have written evidence.

Mark the date

Giving yourself a specific time frame for certain goals can really help you to prioritize, be realistic and push yourself to achieve what you set out to do.

Do you utilize a notebook? Do you find it makes you more productive?

My style in 5

Here is a simple tag composed of five questions about style:

1. Who are your style icons?
I get most of my style inspiration from blogs, Instagram and Pinterest but if I had to choose a person, I would go for Rosie Huntington. I really love her use of basics and how put together she always looks.

2. What is your best style advice or tip?
Be yourself! Style isn’t just about the clothes you wear but it’s also a reflection of your personality and attitude.

3. What was your style like as a teen?
I lived for basics and still do. I bought things that were very versatile so that I could mix and match. I found that it was also fun to use the same pieces to create new looks.

4. What type of outfit do you wear the most?
This is easy! A pair of jeans with a t-shirt and sneakers, flats or ankle boots.

5. Who is your favorite designer?
Of course, I couldn’t just pick between one so i’ll have to say Zuhair Murad and Elie Saab. The pieces of both designers are so elegant and timeless. They’re really stunning!

How would you describe your style in one word?

Reintroducing Myself

This blog has gained so many new readers over the past year, so I thought it would be a good idea to do a post where I reintroduce myself.

1. If you could tour any continent, which would it be?
I love Europe and would love to go. I haven’t been but I feel like I would really like the whole laid back vibe of the place and it’s a culture I would really like to be immersed in.

2. What’s your favorite accessory at the moment?
Baublebar’s Asymmetrical Character Necklace and Initial Bar Pendant are two that are always around my neck.

3. What are your airplane essentials?
Besides my passport and tickets, I have a book, headphones, and lipbalm with me at all times in my carry on.

4. What tips do you have for someone starting a blog?
Just go for it! The internet is so large there is a spot for anyone and everyone. It’s also very important to create a blog you would want to read. Don’t get caught up with the numbers and don’t be discouraged if your blog is not the best at first because we all start of that way.

5. What three items can you not do without when doing your makeup?
Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, Anastasia Brow Wiz, and Urban Decay All-Nighter makeup setting spray. No matter how minimal my makeup is, I always have these on my face.
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6. Do you take shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels?
Of course! I mean you already paid for them so why not?!

7. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?
Door closed always. In fact, one of my pet peeves is when someone comes into my room and then leave with the door wide open.

8. Favorite high and low end mascara?
High end would have to be Too Faced Better Than Sex and low end would have to be L’Oreal Voluminous Full Definition. They make my lashes look voluminous yet natural.

9. Do you sing in the car?
Yes, and in the shower, when i’m cooking, when i’m with friends. Basically everywhere, though i’m not good at it.

10. Are you embracing the minimalist living trend?
I am and love it. It has opened me up to really loving and appreciating the things I already own and not constantly yearn for more.

I hope you guys like this and feel free to answer along in the comments!

How to have the best Sunday ever

I love Sundays. It is my sacred day to get the most me-time, pamper, relax and plan for the coming week in order to ensure I start Monday off with a smile on my face!

Healthy Breakfasts

Over the weekend, you might have overindulged, so for a Sunday morning, go with something like a smoothie bowl, eggs or avocado toast. It will give you that energy and ultimate relaxation for you to look and feel great.

Preparation is key

Plan your lunches or outfits for the week ahead, or write a to-do list for the week. It’s far easier to shut down when you know the important things are taken care of. If you leave it until the evening, you’ll end up stressing yourself out and sacrificing sleep in order to get it done.

Pamper your skin

Since fitting a mask in mid week is not the easiest thing, I’ve reserved my Sunday evening for a face mask. Take a look at the condition of your skin and use a mask to fits your needs. I’ve found that my favorite for clearing out my pores is the Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment.

Take a bath

The bath is the ultimate relaxing location and the addition of scented oils can really help you unwind. I like to mix a bit of Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Body Wash & Foam Bath in Sandalwood Rose with my water to transform my place into a personal spa.

Catch up on shows

Spend a few hours of your Sunday completely switching off by watching your favorite TV series. Limit access to your phone, emails or anything that could stress you out.

Stretch yourself 
Despite any strenuous exercise being off limits according to the rules of Sundays, some light yoga and stretching can help you drift off into a deeper sleep.

What does your Sunday ritual include?

10 Ways to simplify your life

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with school, work, and life, however, by simplifying and staying organized you can change that.

01 | Clean as you go
If you do things like cleaning your dishes right after you’ve used them or making your bed right after you get up, you won’t have to spend a lot of time constantly cleaning.

02 | Unsubscribe
I have a habit of subscribing to blogs and websites at first glance, but in reality barely read any of them. I have recently unsubscribed from a whole bunch and now my inbox is much neater and nicer to browse through.

03 | De-clutter
Get rid of things you don’t love, use, or have excess of. I love doing this with clothes, makeup, and books.

04 | Write down your daily goals
By writing down goals like finishing that book, or going to the gym, or organizing your bathroom, you know what you want to accomplish that day and will be in the right mindset and won’t have any space for distractions.

05 | Establish routines
The key to keeping your life simple is to create simple routines at the start and end of your day. A stressful morning can led to a stressful rest of the day so by creating a morning routine, for example, you give more time to do things like put together your to-do list, prepare lunch, and get ready for the day.

06 | Clean up your computer
Decluttering is also important when it comes to your digital life. Delete any tabs you don’t use and documents you don’t need.

07 | Plan your day ahead
Know what to expect, plan ahead, and you will find time to do everything. Write to-do lists and set small goals.

08 | Spend time alone
Alone time is good, extremely calming, and necessary for finding out what’s important to you.

09 | Be flexible
Leave a little space between things you need to do so you have room for mishaps, and you’ll go through your day much more relaxed.

10 | Single-task
Multi-tasking is more complicated, stressful, and generally less productive.

What do you do to simplify your life?

3 Things You Need To Do This Summer To Improve Your Life

Summer is here! And what better time than now to…

#1 Run

Running is definitely a great exercise choice. If you do it right it doesn’t even feel like working out and it can help you clear your mind and boost your blood flow, reducing your chances of heart disease and other health problems.

#2 Surround yourself with plants

There’s no denying bringing the green indoors can be healthy for the body, as well as the mind. Plants are pleasant to look at, have stress reducing effects on people, and help to maintain good health.

#3 Track your water intake

Regularly tracking your water levels to ensure you are drinking enough can help you lose weight and made your skin plump, full and glowing. It is important to keep a glass with you and try to drink 8 a day.

What will you be doing this summer to improve your life?