Enjoy the Little Things

With life moving so quickly, it’s easy to get swept up in the frenzy of things. Sometimes we’re so busy we don’t notice the moments that make life so special, and when we do, we tend to take it for granted. Life is, after all, made up of moments, and usually these moments are the little things that people don’t usually realize. So before they’re completely unappreciated I wanted to share my favorite moments.

►being loved and in love
►making babies laugh
►singing along to the car radio
►looking at raindrops travel across your car window
►when people remember you after meeting you only once
►when someone remembers the things you say
►hugs from behind
►holding hands
►the smell after it rains
►sleeping on freshly washed sheets
►being with the person you love
►a hot shower on a cold day
►looking through old photographs
►when strangers thank you after you hold the door for them
►a compliment from a stranger
►making someone smile
►seeing someone’s soft side
►fresh starts
►good morning kisses
►a person’s sleepy voice
►seeing old couples still in love

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and reminded you that life is made up of moments. Remember, “Good things come in small packages.”


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