40 Blog Post Ideas


There are days when you have so many ideas, it seems like you can’t get them on paper fast enough, and then there are days when you can’t even come up with a post title. I never like my blog to seem boring or repetitive, so I’m constantly trying to generate new blog ideas. These types of post always inspire me so I thought I’d do one to inspire you. If you find something worthy, do jot them down.

1. List things learned from a book
2. Writers who inspire you.
3. Make a list of your favorite quotes
4. Create a beginner’s guide to something
5. A mash-up of all post where you’ve been featured on another blog or website.
6. Link to your favorite blogs or websites
7. Any and all projects you’re launching or involved in.
8. Write a Things You Don’t Know About Me post
9. Update readers on something new you’ve tried and talked about
10. True stories that would make great novel plots
11. 10 things you believe in
12. A list of your favorite books of all time and why they made the list.
13. Review your own blog.
14. Write about how to improve a skill that people want to improve
15. How do you balance blogging.
16. Who is your blog goals?
17. Make a huge list of something
18. If no one ever read your blog or knew that it existed, would you continue to write?
19. A craft/hobby/interest you wish you were good at
20. Have someone write a guest post for your blog
21. What historical period in time do you wish you were born ?
22. Explain things you wish you had known or done differently
23. Make a note to your future self
24. What are your guilty pleasures?
25. What is something you swore you’d never do and changed your mind?
26. Ask your readers a specific question about something
27. Ask your readers for general feedback about your blog
28. Conduct polls
29. Share your specific goals and how you plan to achieve them
30. Do a collaborative post: ask a few other bloggers their take on something
31. Write about the challenges of blogging in your particular area of expertise
32. Share some tips for blogging in your particular area of expertise
33. Run a contest on your blog
34. Links to other recent or especially relevant blog posts
35. Write a poem
36. Write about your favorite books in your niche
37. Showcase the best comments that you receive
38. Create a post of your favorite images. They could be funny, inspiring, odd, etc.
39. List your best / worst blog posts
40. Make a list of your favorite blogs

If you made it this far, just know that you are, in fact,  awesome! If you write a post based on these ideas, link it down below, I would love to read it. Thanks so much for your continued support.



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