How To Be Your Own Daily Stylist

I love the process of getting dressed, but sometimes I just don’t have the time to stand in front of my closet for hours. Therefore, I have some tips that I like to keep in mind when I am getting dressed, so today I wanted to share with you how to be your own stylist and make the most out of your wardrobe.

► Have go-to outfits on hand.
This will make getting dressed so much easier because these are the outfits that you know will always look good on you, without fail. They are the ensembles you wear time and time again because you know they will always work for you.

Invest in good basics. 
Ideally, these are the pieces that you will keep and wear no matter what the season. Therefore, they should be of fairly good quality to withstand wear and tear. These pieces can include dark skinny jeans, a white button-down shirt, a tailored raincoat, and a great leather jacket.

Start with a neutral palette.
Black, white, navy, cream, and add one piece in a pattern or bold color. The neutral shades in your color palette are supposed to support and balance out your main and accent colors.

Don’t worry about trends.
Fashion is meant to be fun, don’t feel like you have to follow it exactly. Wear what you like and what goes with your individual style.

Draw inspiration from your favorite looks.
When you see a look you like, snap a picture of it, and tape it to the inside of your closet door. These looks can be just what you need when you have say, five minutes to get ready.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Remember to take these tips with you to your closet when thinking of what to wear to look your absolute best!

What does your go-to outfit include? Let me know down in a comment. Thanks for reading.



14 thoughts on “How To Be Your Own Daily Stylist

  1. Ok this is amazing!!! I need to bookmark this! . . I TOTALLY agree re. trends, it bugs me when I hear “Orange is SoOooOoo this season!!” . . Then you see EVERYONE looking identical . . Embrace your own style & own it!!
    Great post!!! 😙

  2. I love everything about this list,specially about encouraging your readers to dress how they want to and not feel pressured to what is in or out

  3. Nice post! Having basics is actually so important. Pretty much all i have are hoodies and jeans, so layering and winter dress are difficult for me lol. Im trying to put some money aside to get new clothes.

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