7 Working At Home Desk Essentials

When I blog, there are a few items I like to keep on my desk besides my computer to get me into the blogging mode. While it’s never good to clutter your space, a few key essentials will make the time go more productively.

While I do most of my work online, nothing beats paper and pencil. Day to day, I write a to-do list and having it tangible in my hands helps me retain the information better.

When I type my hands get so dry. I like handcreams that bring hydration back to my hands but does not leave my keyboard greasy. I like to keep a rich hand cream such like the Soap and Glory’s Hand Food hand cream on my desk so I can quickly hydrate and soothe my skin and nails.

►Hand Sanitizer
Even though I mostly sit by my desk and my hands don’t get extremely dirty, it is still good to have one of these. My favorite is Bath and Body Work’s Japanese Cherry Blossom. The scent is mostly floral with a hint of fruit, but there is also a woodsy undertone which adds depth to it.

I blog at home so I want to be awake and productive and candles help me do that. My favorite is the Diptyque Baies candle. The scent is very fresh and clean. You don’t even need to light the candle to make the room smell amazing. It is super easy on the nose and helps to elevate the ambiance of my home.

I recently started implementing plants into my workspace. They are a great way to bring some nature into your home. They are also said to offer health benefits and increase work productivity. My favorite plants to liven up my place are bamboos.

Wherever I am, I always have lip balm with me. The skin on your lips is much thinner than the rest of your face, so they’re very vulnerable to dehydration. It’s essential to help your lips retain moisture by smoothing on a nourishing lip balm like the Mint EOS as often as possible.

►Water Bottle
Even when I am blogging I like to stay hydrated with my Mason Cups. These come with a lid and straw so there’s no hassle. They are light, yet strong and durable.

What are your desk essentials? Let me know down in a comment.



5 thoughts on “7 Working At Home Desk Essentials

  1. That’s true ! when I started my blog I realized that I often need moisturizer, hand sanitizers and a bottle of water, because I stay for hours on my computer, I will definitely consider having a plant 😀 Sounds a great Idea and it Also feels good to work beside something alive and green ( I once heard that the color green affects on the mind and makes you creative) Good Luck ❤

  2. Great ideas Christy … I especially love the candle idea … I think I need one on my desk now!!

    Plants definitely feel life affirming to me, and having one in my workspace always puts me in a better mood.

    And a notepad! Yes! I think I write better longhand, since it forces me to think a little slower.

    But my favorite desk essential is a lamp with a soft light-diffusing shade. So much better than overhead glare.

    Thanks for the tips! 🙂

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