15 Beauty Habits To Live By

We are constantly given beauty advice — good, bad, wanted, unwanted. While some are bound to be disregarded, others are definitely worth heeding. Today, I wanted to share with you some of the beauty habits that I follow, as you would be surprised by the difference they make.


1.  Wash off all makeup every night
2.  Clarify hair once in a while
3.  Switch products every so often
4.  Wear sunscreen
5.  Exfoliate regularly
6.  Wash makeup brushes at least once a week
7.  Drink at least eight glasses of water a day
8.  Discard any old makeup products
9.  Give your nails a regular break from polish
10.  Disinfect anything that might touch your face – glasses, phones
11.  Apply eye cream every night
12.  Periodically change your pillowcases
13.  Leave acne alone
14.  Get at least eight hours of sleep
15.  Use heat protectant before hair tools

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Are there any other beauty habits that you follow? Let me know.



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