The Secrets to Achiveing Perfect Skin

I love hearing about perfect skin advice and these are the ones I’ve found that when I follow, I get really great results.

Great Skin Starts From Within
Your skin reflects the quality of the food you eat and what you drink. Great skincare products and habits are only half of the equation so make sure you are eating healthy, natural, fresh food full of energy.

Allow Your Skin to Choose Its Own Regime
I like to have a plan to follow when it comes to skin care, but I’ve learned that if I want perfect skin, I can’t force it. Your skin changes constantly and you have to be okay with it. I have a variety of skincare products in my bathroom and I use them according to what my skin needs.

Keep It Simple
Keep it simple, with both your routine and the products you use. Just because you should switch up your products doesn’t mean you should overlook the basics. I always use a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer no matter what.

Balance Is Key
Balanced skin is healthy skin. I am always trying to do is normalize or balance out my skin—to help it find its way back to ground zero. This allows for rejuvenated, youthful skin that is neither stripped nor clogged.

What secrets do you follow to achieve perfect skin?



4 thoughts on “The Secrets to Achiveing Perfect Skin

  1. Thanks for the post Christy. Recently I switched from expensive skin care products to the Simple range. My skin never felt better and clearer. You are absolutely right, sometimes keeping things simple is the key to healthy skin. x

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