5 Things to do Solo This Weekend

While it’s exciting to do stuff with the company of others, there is also joy in doing stuff solo. I love to take a few hours for myself to refresh, recharge, and get to know myself better. Learn to love your own company with these activities!

Watch Shows
When I can, I like to spend my weekend binge watching my favorite TV shows. I load up on snacks, put on my most comfortable outfit, and take up residence in front of my laptop. When these shows come back on, I will definitely be watching How To Get Away With Murder and Pretty Little Liars.

Take Nature Walks
Experiencing nature can really calm the mind and soul and make you feel at peace with the world around you. It is refreshing and mind cleansing and sometimes I even like to bring my camera to experiment with my picture taking skills.

I personally love shopping with my friends but I do also love going on my own. When I’m alone I can take as much time as I like trying on things and experimenting with my look without the rush.

Be Adventurous
The beauty of traveling solo means you can go wherever you want, do whatever you want and in your own time! Again, bringing your camera would also be great.

Read Something Inspirational
This is something I like to do especially on a rainy weekend. From cookbooks to YA novels to interior decorating, and everything in between, there are so many sources to draw inspiration from.

What are your favorite things to do on a weekend solo? Let me know so I can add it to my list as well. Thanks for reading. I hope you guys had a Happy Thanksgiving! Be thankful for everything in life, big or small!

Also, I am wanting to do a little Q and A post, so ask me your questions below.


4 thoughts on “5 Things to do Solo This Weekend

  1. hi 🙂
    not a great weather over here so it’s probably going to be the first and last thing on your list for me this week-end!
    also, a time like this is for organizing things around the house, having a more elaborate beauty routine or, why not, trying a new recipe! 😀

  2. On a weekend I like taking time to bake a new recipes , watch vlog online , discover new youtube and blog, listen to music that I have never listen before , take a strole outside, do yoga and many others thing I love hanging with myself , It’s good to take time to hang with yourself, selflove is a weapon in life! 😉

  3. Usually, i like to read a book but that doesnt always happen. I end up studying most of the time, haha. And nowadays with tech everywhere its difficult to get some alone time, so these are great ideas!

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