10 Ways to Reward Yourself on a Weekly Basis

Whenever you accomplish something, it is always great to reward yourself. Rewarding yourself on a weekly basis can be beneficial for your mood and your motivation. Here’s 10 ways how!

01 | Get a manicure.
At home, in front of the television or at the salon, it will make you feel great instantly. One thing that truly boosts my confidence and makes me feel like I have my life together is having fresh, nicely done nails.

02 | Take a bubble bath.
The ultimate relaxation, and take your time! There is no better way to sooth the soul than to fill the tub up with warm water and bubbles and soak until all your cares melt away.

03 | Go out for dinner.
Whether it is to your favorite restaurant, to your mom’s house, or to eat fast food… Let someone else do the dishes for once.

04 | Indulge in a sweet treat.
Let’s face it a cupcake will always taste better than a salad. Nothing is wrong with treating yourself from time to time! Don’t feel guilty about it.

05 |  Watch a movie in bed.
Slip into your comfiest wear, take in the softness of your bedding and enjoy.

06 | Cook your favorite meal.
And don’t forget to turn the music on while you cook! Home cooked meals actually make you significantly happier and less stressed.

07 | Buy yourself flowers.
A bright bouquet of flowers will make you happier and more productive.  Cut flowers can bring life and beauty to a living space and lift the spirits.

08 | Go shopping.
Is there something you have been eyeing? Take this time to buy it for yourself as a treat.

09 | Go someplace you’ve never been before.
There are probably lots of places in your neighborhood that you’ve been meaning to stop by. But one thing or another always happens that prevents you from getting there. Let today be the day and just go.

10 | Read a book.
Take a trip to the library and browse the extensive selection for a title you never knew you wanted to read.

How do you reward yourself throughout the week?


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