How To Make Your Home A Happier Place

A balanced, organized, clean home can make you way more productive as well as boosting your mood and making that relaxing time in the evenings feel much better!

Add Greenery

Plants look great in any house. They can look super chic, make your house smell amazing and even be a way for you to grow your own produce.
Tip: Pick up scented plants like Jasmine or Lavender for hallways and bathrooms.

Get the lighting right

Keep your curtains open during the day and allow plenty of natural light to enter your house. Natural light will boost your mood and make every room feel lighter and brighter.
Tip: Pick up dimming lamps to create a softer, lighting effect for formal or intimate dinners.

Tidy as you go

Nobody wants to tidy the whole house all in one go, so just clean up after yourself immediately that way you don’t need to dedicate a whole weekend organizing. If you maintain this routine, overtime it will come easily to you as if it were second nature.
Tip: Pick up The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

Correct arrangement

Don’t have your desk facing the wall or your bed blocked off from the rest of the room. This will make the room seem cramped and closed off. Achieving balance doesn’t mean you have to go completely symmetrical.
Tip: In a space with doors and windows, float seating in the center of a room with the chairs and sofas facing each other to encourage conversation.

Does your home make you happy?

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