How To Live Like A Modern Minimalist This Year

This year is all about de-cluttering. It is important to only waste energy on things that matter. This is the year of you, so here’s how to be a modern minimalist in 2017.

#1 Unplug

To truly start living minimally, you should try to cut down the time you spend on your phone. The less you rely on it, the happier you will be.

#2 Upgrade your wardrobe

Minimalism advocates only keeping a few key pieces in your wardrobe, which allows you to be more creative with your outfit options.

#3 Declutter your life

Curating your space to represent what’s important to you will make you much happier, but it does involve throwing some things in the bin or giving them away. A minimalistic space allows you more time to think and room to breathe.

#4 Evaluate your goals

Wasting time and energy worrying about things that are out of your control takes up a lot of mental energy you could be using elsewhere so make sure you take some time to address what’s on your mind.

#5 Adjust your diet

If you can, do your shopping at a farmers market or organic store and stock up on staples like fruits, vegetables, and meats that can be grilled and turned into a variety of delicious meals.

What steps are you taking to living like a modern minimalist?

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEARS! I want to thank you guys for every thing you have done for me this past year. Every like, comment, follow. It all means so much to me and I can not express my gratitude enough. Here’s to 2017, onward and upward!

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