Staying on top of things with a planner

Lately I have been on top of my game with getting things done and meeting my deadlines and it is all thanks to my planner. Whatever form it’s in, here are some tips to make the most out of your planner.

Get one that suits your lifestyle
I’ve never been one for digital planner so paper and pen works fine for me. I just love the feeling of being able to physically cross something of my list. Whatever you decide make sure it’s the best option for you and your lifestyle.

Use reminders
To avoid unfortunate situations, write yourself reminders in your planner. Use your diary to jot down events but also as a reminder to purchase things and give back borrowed items.

Incorporate creativity and inspiration
Don’t make your diary all about dates! Use it to write down things like books you wish to read, movies you’ve been meaning to see, and even recipes you’ve been wanting to try.

Set time aside to check it
I like to give my diary a good look over on a Sunday afternoon that way I know what needs to be done for the week ahead. Make some time every week to check your planner and soon enough it will become a habit that ensures nothing goes missed.

Utilize it to its full potential
Go beyond using your planner just as a way of jotting down upcoming dates and reminders. You can also track your goals and keep a daily log of what you achieved.  Also look into using different colored pens or Washi tape to keep things creative. Color coding can make important things stand out at a glance.

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