6 Ways to organize your life

Life can be crazy sometimes and while you may know just what needs to be done you might not necessarily know how to do it. Here are five useful ways to organize your life.

#1 Give everything a home.

Put things away as soon and you are done using them. A clean environment will give you a clean mind. Keep your keys on a rack by the front door and your pens in a holder on your desk. Keep all your items in their homes so you are no longer searching for that one thing right when you are supposed to be heading out the door.

#2 Get to writing

Buy a daily calendar and write all that you have to do on it. Buy a journal and scribble down your appointments and daily goals. Write it down so you don’t forget and once you complete a task you can look at your list and see what’s next.

#3 Stay away from bargains

Bargains and sales may seem like a good idea, but in reality, these sales are getting you to spend more money on items you don’t necessarily need. This applies to places like your closet and fridge so purchase just the things you need and will actually use.

#4 Delegate responsibilities

If you live with other people, organize who is doing what and when. This will save you time and energy and make everything clear. Consider even buying a calendar and writing out your assigned chore.

#5 Buy a watch

While a watch may seem out of style being on time is not. Sure, a phone works just as well for checking the time but that could lead to distractions like social media. So just buy yourself a watch because it also doubles as a cute accessory.

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